Hello and welcome to my PhenQReview.info

My friends call me “The Fat Assassin” as a result of my relentless search to get ripped. I actually believe they got it from an advertisement for some diet merchandise which was constantly on the radio , therefore I figure it’s a little bit of a joke. Anyway, I started this site for a couple of reasons:

First off, due to my discovery of PhenQ and I want to share my information on this particular product with everybody. I think it like an excellent film that you simply see and get excited about and then you believe that everyone on earth should see it also. Well that’s how I felt when I found PhenQ.

I used to use the Ephedrine version of Xenadrine (RFA-1) back around 2001 when it was still legal and I understand how powerful it was. It did work. And nowadays every supplement under the sun promises to be as powerful as Ephedrine based products. It’s never going to take place thus let’s debunk that myth.

So I needed to locate a fat burner that although much less powerful as Ephedrine, was going to no harmful ingredients and powerful enough but without any negative side effects.

I’ll admit that I was exceptionally tired of all of the fat burners that are ineffective that they sell at my local Vitamin Shoppe. All the same crap, different year, it’s. I mean how many variants of Hydroxycut or Redline are?

It’s a powerful mixture of both artificial and natural ingredients and from every approach including hunger control and both fat burning, weight loss is hit by it like the drug Fen Phen.

Mission accomplished! So I just wanted to share the info which I discovered with you.

And for the 2nd reason I started this website.

Through my research on PhenQ I couldn’t find any “real” sites or reviews that actually gave me any valuable information regarding the item. Now, so I understand the best way to spot fake reviews sites I actually used to work in advertising and promotions and without giving any real information, all of the websites I found were pretty much only attempting to sell you the product.

So I made the decision to start my own website here to give you some insight on PhenQ so you can see if it’s the right weight reduction supplement for you or if you need to use something else.