Is PhenQ Safe?

In case you are still wondering about the safety of this fantastic fat burner and have checked out the PhenQ review, then please keep reading. There’s also the list of ingredients and also a lot of useful advice about the safety of PhenQ. Today let’s take a closer glimpse at PhenQ and if it is safe to use.

PhenQ is 100% Ephedra-Free

Before you buy PhenQ, let’s get the facts right on what individuals are promising to be the most powerful legal fat burner and appetite suppressant available today.

I recall when Ephedra hit on the market and caused a craze with products like Xenadrine RFA-1. That stuff was the real deal; more potent at producing results than anything on the market today.

The sole trouble with Xenadrine RFA-1 and others of that age was the dangers and threats that came together with using Ephedra. It’s a fact that nothing can ever come close to producing the effects that are amazing like Ephedra or a prescription fat loss pill, for example, Phentermine for weight reduction that is extreme.

So as history played out, you’ve probably come to know how dangerous Ephedra is and truly was. But were you aware that what was going into these weight loss pills was natural?  Ephedra comes from an extract of Ma Huang.

So that’s the first strike against the “all natural” bandwagon and a large point on my scorecard for PhenQ.

So until PhenQ came along, there was nothing which could compare to the old school fat burners that we grew up with. The best part is you can buy PhenQ online without a prescription since it is truly the legal and safe alternative to the prescription weight loss drug known as Phentermine.

Features No Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange)

Let ’s lay it all out on the table here. PhenQ isn’t another one of those over-hyped fat burners that you could purchase at your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe that’s merely a cheap pill loaded with five different kinds of caffeine.

“Bitter Orange” as it’s typically referred to, or Citrus Aurantium, can cause the same heart issues that Ephedra did years ago before it was suddenly taken off the marketplace because of some departures which were linked to the product. And the funny thing is, there are no signs that Bitter Orange will enable you to burn fat in the very first place.

And also the funny thing is, there are no indications that Bitter Orange will give you the capacity to burn off fat in the very first place.

PhenQ Does Not Contain Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate May Cause What?…

Okay, this is one of the other motives that I won’t touch the majority of the over the counter fat burners.

Yerba Mate is just another one on my list of potentially dangerous ingredients that shouldn’t be used today, which are stuffed into virtually every fat burner out there. Please, please, please go type I’m positive you’ll be as shocked as I was to see what they are stuffing into nearly every fat burner out there and “yerba mate dangers” into Google.

The next time you’re at your local health food or drug store check out the labels on every one of the fat burners. I bet you will find this as one of the ingredients in nearly each of them.

Has Never Been Recalled

Remember what occurred in 2009 with the most popular fat burner available on the market, Hydroxycut? Hydroxycut was “ recalled by the manufacturer after the FDA received 23 reports of serious liver injuries which range from jaundice to death.” in the event you are not mindful

Seriously?! Are they going to set stuff in this way on the shelves of a store just to make a buck or two?

Again, I encourage you to do your research and look up it. You’ll be shocked at what these businesses are selling to you personally.

And to think that this was the most famous fat burner on the market at that time that you can purchase at your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe etc.

No Prescription Required

PhenQ is the powerful alternative to the drug Phentermine.  Phentermine is a strong weight loss drug that has experienced extensive research together with lots of clinical trials and was first brought out the market in the 1970’s.

In case you aren’t familiar with Phentermine, it is usually sold under the trade name Adipex and is used for short periods of time, typically 3 to 6 weeks, as a way to accelerate the process of losing weight in exceptionally overweight individuals. The period that it’s taken is short due to the extreme potency of the drug.

You are getting the highest quality “real” fat burning alternative to Phentermine along with all of the desired suppressing power that money can buy when you get PhenQ. This is a legitimate choice to the powerful weight loss drug Adipex, and the best part is that PhenQ includes safe ingredients and is 100% legal.

PhenQ, in my opinion, provides fastest and most efficient weight reduction results out of anything that you could purchase legally and has additionally been clinically examined.

Includes Only Safe Ingredients

PhenQ features a proprietary blend of both natural and artificial ingredients

And we also established it is legal and doesn’t need a prescription like Phentermine or Ephedra.

What’s in PhenQ?

PhenQ has only safe and effective ingredients that are produced in FDA pharmaceutical registered laboratories that conform to the highest standards. PhenQ contains the following powerful C-AMP enzyme boosters for appetite suppression and fast fat loss.